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Transcript: Hubert Hurkacz

Hubert Hurkacz
October 14, 2023

THE MODERATOR: Well done, Hubi, another Masters 1000 final. Do you consider today's match as your best in Shanghai this year? 
HUBERT HURKACZ: I think so. I was definitely happy with my performance today. I was playing well off the ground and serving well. 
Sebi is a really tough opponent, he's a great returner, so you just need to play well against him, because if you don't he's just going to take advantage of your shots. 

THE MODERATOR: Any questions? 
Q. Hubi, congratulations. Obviously you've shown many qualities to get to a final here in Shanghai, but which one are you most proud of? 
HUBERT HURKACZ: Well, I think, definitely just proud of the fight I'm putting and, you know, the commitment I'm giving on every, trying to do it every single point. 

Q. Can you talk about your serve and how important that is for you as a weapon. 
HUBERT HURKACZ: Well, I think, definitely, you know, just, yeah, just really important to be able to set up the point with the serve, and then, obviously that, if I'm serving well, that puts a lot of pressure on the opponent, they know they got to serve well, and just play well off the ground. So, I think, yeah, it's a big thing for me. 

Q. First time reaching the final here in Shanghai. Do you feel like sort of this tournament's return is also kind of witnessing maybe a changing of landscape in men's tennis, because after like three, four years, fans here have been learning to know some new names and appreciate some players who are also making their first time or, you know, most of them making their own deep runs for the first time in Shanghai. 
HUBERT HURKACZ: Yes, definitely now, yeah, I mean, since 2019, it's been a couple of years where the tournament hasn't been played. Obviously, there's been some new faces on the tour. 
Obviously, Carlos showed up, and then he's just playing some incredible tennis. Daniil won this tournament the last time it was back on the calendar, so also, you know, he's still playing amazing tennis. 
So, yeah, there's been definitely a couple of young and upcoming guys that broke through, and they're bringing a lot of energy, so hopefully the fans are enjoying it as well. 

Q. Congratulations, Hubi. Next week in Tokyo you will face our Chinese player Zhang Zhizhen again. You know that you two have a very great battle in Shanghai. What's your thought on this match? 
HUBERT HURKACZ: Well, I just, I just think I didn't even know, so, I mean, it's going to be battle again, but just focus on being here, so, yeah. 

Q. I wonder if you could talk us through both potential finals opponents, whether that's Grigor or whether that's Rublev tomorrow. 
HUBERT HURKACZ: Well, I mean, Andrey, obviously, hits every single ball 200 kilometers per hour, and he just goes after the shots, and, yeah, just brings so much energy on the court. Yeah, he's a great competitor. 
Grigor, you know, he has so much experience. He's such a skilled player, he can make any shot, he's really athletic. So, hopefully, they're going to have a fun match today, and then we'll have a battle tomorrow. 

Q. Congratulations. Which part of your game you are most satisfied this week by making it all the way to the final in Shanghai? 
HUBERT HURKACZ: Well, I think I'm, you know, off the ground, I'm pretty aggressive, I'm playing well, the serve's been helping a lot, as well. So, I think just, you know, obviously pretty happy with the improvements here and just try to keep building on it. 

THE MODERATOR: Thank you. 

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